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Город: Иркутск

Baikal tour

Valentina Balaeva



  • Tour
    Dear Friends! If you would like to enjoy Russian nature then one of the first places to see is ‪#‎Baikal‬. You should see it with your onw eyes as words will never express the greatness and amenity of this unique place in the world. Just imagine that the size of lake is 31 722 sq meters which equals to the size of Belgium or the Netherlads! It is the deepest lake in the world. It contains ~19% of the world's fresh water.
    The climate near Baikal is influenced by the lake. The winters here are mild and summers are cool. What is piculiar about this region is the number of sunny days. Only 37 days a year are without sun. Even the resorts of the Russian Black sea coast have less, not to tell about the rest of the country.
    If you plan a Trans-Siberian railway journey - Baikal is a must see place Смайлик «smile»
    If you have less plans but would like to learn more about Russia - Baikal is a must see place!
    We are glad to offer you a 5 days tour from our partner.
    It is a photo Tour “Golden Colors of Baikal” with Cruise duration
    6 Days/ 5 Nights
    The route is Irkutsk - Listvyanka settlement - Circum-Baikal Railway - Sandy Bay – Small Sea with islands - Olkhon Island – Sakhyurta village.
    Start September 21st, 2015.
    Group 2-12 pax
    Day 1. Listvyanka settlement - Circum-Baikal Railway – Conifers station
    12.00 – Embarking on a cruise ship in Listvyanka settlement (it’s located on the south-west coast of Baikal Lake, in 65 km from Irkutsk).
    Accommodation in the cabins. Meeting with the ship’s crew, safety briefing and rules of conduct aboard the ship and Lake Baikal in general.
    2-hour trip to Circum-Baikal Railway – a unique historical and cultural complex, including its architecture and surrounding landscapes. It’s considered the most difficultly built railway (with the amount of work and additional supporting system).
    Lunch on board.
    After lunch walking tour with guide to the abandoned tunnels and galleries of the early 20th century from Conifers station (also known as Ulanovo station) up to the shore of Baikal Lake. It’s the only part of the railways that are not used and preserved some of the original buildings in so called “Nicholas Train Empire” style.
    Dinner on board.
    Night on board in one of the comfortable cabins. If the weather conditions are unfavorable captain can lead the ship to nearest settlement (Big Koty, located 20 km to the north from Listvyanka settlement).
    Day 2. Sandy Bay
    Around 6 a.m. ship will start its way to Sandy Bay. The bay is famous for its stilted trees, magnificent views of the lake with surrounding cliffs and sandy beach.
    Breakfast on board. Free morning for relaxation.
    Lunch on board.
    2-hour trek to Hay Bay – cordon of Baikal National Park – along the scenic mountain track with a visit to Babushka Bay - the most beautiful on Lake Baikal (optional).
    In the evening visit to Russian Bathhouse (optional, paid on site).
    Dinner on board.
    Night on Board.
    Water crossing: 100 km, travel time: 6 hours.
    Day 3. Olkhon Island - Saagan-Zaba
    Around 6 a.m. ship will start its way along western coast to the north till Olkhon Island (8-10 hour trip) – the largest island of Lake Baikal and one of the sacred places for Buryats and shamanism.
    Breakfast on board. Free morning for relaxation.
    Journey through Small Olkhon Gate Strait – a narrow strait between Olkhon Island and mainland. Transfer by car to the Sarminskoe Gorge – the place where Sarma River begins to flow. The valley s very picturesque with ever changing landscapes, foaming water and millennium old deposits of precious stones – garnet (giving this place a second name of “Garnet Mountain).
    Dinner on board.
    Water crossing: 120 km, travel time: 10 hours.
    Day 4. Small Sea - Ogoi Island - Barakchin Island
    Breakfast on board.
    Journey from south to the north end of Olkhon Island. If time and weather permit – visit to Ogoi Island with Buddhist temple and two colored Barakchin Island that is also called “yin yang island” with a large population of seagulls and shaman burial sites.
    Lunch on board.
    Continuation of excursion to the islands of Small Sea.
    Dinner on board.
    Night on Board near Zunduk Cape (northern end of Small Sea).
    Water crossing: 70-90 km, travel time: 5-7 hours.
    Day 5. Olkhon Island – Sarai Beach
    Stop at Olkhon Island on Sarai Beach with a visit to Burhan (Shaman-Rock). Burhan is considered one of 9 holy places of Asia (earlier known as a Rock-Temple). In Shamanka Cape of the island is a sacred cave where sacrifices and shaman vows were made. Automobile-walking tour of Olkhon Island.
    Night on Board in one of Olkhon Islsnd’s shores.
    Day 6. Sakhyurta village - Irkutsk
    Journey to Sakhyurta village. Disembarking the ship, end of cruise. Transfer to Irkutsk.
    The price may vary depending on the exchange rate ~1000 USD
    The price includes:
    • Accommodation on board in DBL cabin and standard DBL hotel rooms
    • Full Board
    • Excursions along the routes according to program
    • Transfers according to program
    • Accompanying guide
    • Tickets and entrance fees for museums, national parks and reserves according to program
    • Study session in photo school
    • Medical insurance
    Additional costs:
    • Air tickets to/ from Irkutsk at the start and end of the program
    • Translation services (English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish)
    • Russian bath house
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Early arrival/ late departure to/ from hotel
    • Video shooting
    • Other services and excursions that are not in the program
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